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Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 EA2 November 5, 2009

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Download Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 Early Adopter 2 (

Key Features

Oracle SQL Developer is a graphical user interface for the Oracle database and provides comprehensive support for the following:

  • SQL Worksheet: The SQL Worksheet for SQL, PL/SQL and SQL*Plus commands. The worksheet supports code insight and completion, code snippets and templates. Users can run scripts or individual statements. The worksheet supports a wide variety of SQL *Plus commands.
  • Database Connections: A wide variety of database connection for Oracle and third-party databases. Support includes a basic connection using a thin JDBC driver and TNSnames, LDAP and Kerberos authentication methods. There is also support for OS Authentication and a proxy user. Connections can be sorted on to folders for ease of use.
  • Connection Navigator: A Connections navigator allows for object browsing, creation and updates.
  • PL/SQL Editor: A PL/SQL editor allows users to create, compile and debug code. Debugging support includes stepping into code and remote debugging.
  • Import/Export: A wide variety of export and import feature include export to XML, XLS and INSERT. For importing you can import into an existing table or create a new table
  • Reporting: A selection of shipped SQL reports including data dictionary, migrations and Oracle APEX reports.
  • Migrations and Third Party Database support: Connections to MySQL, Microsoft Access and SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 and Teradata.
  • Version Control: File navigation and version control includes support for Subversion, CVS and Perforce.
  • Data Model Viewer: A data model viewer extension that allows you to open a model created in SQL Developer Data Modeler or visualize tables, views and object types on Data Modeler diagrams.
  • Unit Testing: Users can create step by step unit tests and add them to unit test suites.

New Features

Oracle SQL Developer 2.1 is the vehicle for two main pieces of functionality, Unit Testing and Data Modeling.

  • Oracle SQL Developer Unit Testing provides a unit testing framework that allows you to build a set of sequential steps to create test cases for testing your PL/SQL code. You can build a collection of tests to make up a suite of tests that can be run and rerun to verify changes in your PL/SQL code and to still complete the required functionality.
  • Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is a stand alone product that supports logical, relational and conceptual modeling. The tool supports forward and reverse engineering and import and export from various sources. The Data Modeler supports an additional standalone model viewer, which allows users to open models built in the full Data Modeler. SQL Developer 2.1 incorporates the modeler viewer as an extension. integrated into SQL Developer. The Data Modeler Viewer also supports visualizing tables, views and object types on read-only Data Modeler diagrams. The SQL Developer Data Modeler Viewer extension is a free extension to SQL Developer.
  • The SQL Worksheet has been redesigned for SQL Developer 2.1 to support concurrent task processing for long running operations. Updates to the worksheet include the support of multiple data grids off the F9 (Run Statement) command and dockable OWA, DBMSOutput and SQL History windows.
  • For a list of SQL Developer 2.1 new features see New Features 2.1
  • For a list of SQL Developer features, see SQL Developer Features

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