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DBNEWID database utility March 23, 2007

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DBNEWID is a database utility that can change the internal database identifier (DBID) and the database name (DBNAME) for an operational database

What Is the DBNEWID Utility?

Prior to the introduction of the DBNEWID utility, you could manually create a copy of a database and give it a new database name (DBNAME) by re-creating the control file. However, you could not give the database a new identifier (DBID). The DBID is an internal, unique identifier for a database. Because Recovery Manager (RMAN) distinguishes databases by DBID, you could not register a seed database and a manually copied database together in the same RMAN repository. The DBNEWID utility solves this problem by allowing you to change any of the following:

  • Only the DBID of a database
  • Only the DBNAME of a database
  • Both the DBNAME and DBID of a database

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